Friday, October 5, 2012

WWE takes a jab at ?The Ultimate Fighter?s? plummeting ratings

The ratings for the 16th season of "The Ultimate Fighter" have plummeted from their very low debut. Last Friday was the lowest-rated show in TUF history, and the people over at WWE couldn't help but take a shot at the UFC.

Ouch. Though it's a petty shot to take, it shows that others are noticing how the show is faltering. The debut was the lowest-rated in TUF history with 947,000 viewers, and has dropped down to 775,000. It's just not catching on with fans.

Still, UFC president Dana White told "The Ultimate Insider" this isn't a make-or-break season.

"There are some things that we all did wrong. And we need to fix them. It's all part of running a business. The thing about us is we're not afraid of taking risks. If we were, we wouldn't be sitting here right now. This whole business has been a risk since day one."

While that's effective spin on White's part, it didn't really address that people just aren't tuning into the show the way they used to. With so many fights available throughout the month and the feeling that every season is just like the one before, there isn't as much of a need to watch the show for a fight fix.

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