Saturday, September 29, 2012

What does a fighter look like? (PHOTOS)

I've often heard the phrase, "He/she doesn't look like a fighter!" This comes up especially before women's fights, when Ronda Rousey's cover girl looks are cited as a reason to be shocked that she can rip your arm off. I hear it about Georges St-Pierre, who could easily find another career on a runway. UFC president Dana White brought it up recently when he criticized Roy Nelson's mullet, beard and belly.

But the thing about MMA is that outside making weight the day before a fight and passing a ton of medical tests, there are no physical requirements to step in a cage. While fighters look like this:

They also look like this:

They come in sizes large:

and small:

They are from all over the world and represent every color in the rainbow.

And yes, Dana, sometimes they even look like this.

There is no one way to look, act or sound like a fighter. The diversity within mixed martial arts is something to be celebrated, not criticized.


Dan The Sandman Christison  Logan The Pink Pounder Clark  Steve The Snake Claveau  Rich No Love Clementi  Mark The Hammer Coleman Wes Soldier Combs 

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