Thursday, September 20, 2012

Reader rants: Cagereaders weigh in on Frankie Edgar?s fight, GSP?s return and more from the MMA world

With an unbelievable few weeks of MMA, Cagereaders had some really, really strong opinions. Because of your thoughts, Cagewriter decided it was a perfect time to bring back Reader Rants. Drawn from Cagewriter's Facebook page, here are thoughts from Cagewriter's readers. What are you ranting about this week? Tell us on Facebook, and you may be on our next Reader Rants.

Frankie Edgar is moving to featherweight and getting an immediate title shot against Jose Aldo at UFC 153. What say you, Cagereaders?

Interesting move for Frankie. If he doesn't win, then where does he go from there. I guess one challenge at a time� -- Mark Jimerson

Frankie has a huge chance don't count him out! -- Monzeil Jhamal Flemming

Jon Jones' reported request to Dana White to get Chael Sonnen to cool it with the trash talk also got you talking.

I don't know if I buy this story. There has been so much Jones hate, and I am sure this post will draw even more. This one sounds like BS to me. -- Eric Chism

I wonder if this is a sign of things to come with jones? Can't believe he wouldn't take the fight! I don't blame dana for feeling the way he does. I think jones is a terrific fighter, but wonder if character flaws will be a problem. I'll be watching. -- Kevin Armitage

Whether he deserves it or not, Sonnen is now the uncrowned 205 lb champ until Jones proves otherwise. Refusing to accept a challenge is the same as forfeiting. -- Jason Zachary

Georges St-Pierre was medically cleared to fight. Will he be back to his former self? Cagereaders weighed in.

I hope not. I hope he will fight to win instead of fight to not lose his belt. Maybe knowing that Condit has the interim belt it will motivate him to prove he deserves to be the champion. -- David Bernetich

There is no upside to the time off, obviously. It's a negative performance-deflating incident no matter how great his rehab went. The only question is if he is indeed good enough to come away with a win against Condit so that he can get BACK to where he should be AFTER the doubt in my mind this will be his biggest challenge in his entire life...any athletes out there would agree with me. -- Kyle Ertl

Anderson Silva said he didn't finish Thales Leites because of their friendships. Here's what Cagereaders had to say about this.

During one of Joe Louis's title defenses, he fought John Henry Lewis. Before the fight, Joe told his trainer that he didn't feel comfortable fighting such a good friend of his. Joe planed on carrying John for the full 15 rounds because he
did not want to hurt him.

Joe's trainer stated that he would be more likely to hurt John if he were to carrying him the full fight. Therefore, Joe went out and KOed John in the first round.

Both continued to be good friends. John Henry Lewis retired after his fight with Joe. It was the biggest purse of his career. -- Wrestling Roots

Its an embarrassment to the sport. They are professional fighters so they should act like it. -- Helio Fabian Rangel

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