Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bruce Buffer explains ?It?s fight time?

During recent UFC events, you may have noticed UFC Octagon announcer Bruce Buffer changing up his signature call of, "It's tiiiiiiiiiime" to "It's fight tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime."

I was confused by this. Why would Buffer mess with such announcing perfection? "It's time" is so well known that fans usually yell the phrase along with him. It's become as well known as his brother Michael Buffer's familiar "Let's get ready to rumble," which the other Buff rattles off at boxing events.

So what's the deal, Buff?

"I was trying some new things. I'm going through some marketing aspects, and that's all I can say right now. I wanted to try it for marketing purposes, but it's time is mine. We all know that. That's basically where it's at."

Buff, if you want to cover your fancy suits in logos, go for it. If you want to rename your signature move the Mickey's Malt Liquor 180, do it. Get that paper. But please please please don't change "It's Time."


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