Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Are there any fighters who can beat Jon Jones?

Jon Jones' win on Saturday night was awe-inspiring. He survived a grotesque armbar, and came back to win with fourth-round submission. He seems to keep getting better and better with each fight, this time incorporating jiu-jitsu skills into his win. At the moment, he appears unbeatable.

Are there any fighters in the UFC who can eventually take him on and win? Any fighters who can take time to study Jones, figure out his every move, and then finally solve the Jon Jones puzzle?

Dan Henderson: The one-time PRIDE and Strikeforce champion was supposed to fight Jones before he was injured and UFC 151 was canceled. He has already put in the time and effort to fight Jones, and may already have him figured out. His age is an issue, but Henderson still wants the fight.

Alexander Gustaffson: One of Jones' biggest advantages is his reach. He was able to hold Belfort at bay throughout the fight by simply extending his arm. At 6-foot-5, Gustafsson is an inch taller. He has a fight lined up with former champ Mauricio "Shogun" Rua who will show if "The Viking" is ready for the next step.

Chael Sonnen: Based on Sonnen's inability to handle Anderson Silva in their last fight, there is no reason to believe Sonnen could beat Jones. However, the run-up to the fight would be so much fun. Considering the UFC put Jones up against a middleweight who lost a title shot, integrity of the belt doesn't matter as much as entertainment or making money. Sonnen has already shown he can get under Jones' skin in a way no one else has, and that just may give him the edge in a bout.

Anderson Silva: Could he beat Jones? Yes. Will this fight ever, ever happen? No. Silva keeps talking about wanting a fight with welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, and he does have a few challenges waiting for him at middleweight.

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