Friday, September 14, 2012

Anderson Silva, Junior dos Santos, UFC 150 Fallout: The Morning News Roundup ? 8.12.12

UFC 150 is now one for the history books, and the news cycle moves ever onward.� Of course, since most of today's news was gleaned from what was said when the principle players of UFC 150 had a microphone stuck in their faces at the post-fight press conference, it seems like the pay-per-view event headlined by Benson Henderson and Frankie Edgar will linger with us a bit more.� So!� The news!

  • UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva is done for the year, and we won't see him again until 2013.� I guess he and Chael Sonnen did a good job hyping their July UFC 148 fight and those pay-per-view percentage points are really paying out, eh? �Good for him.� Now he has plenty of time to work on his garden and finish tiling the downstairs bathroom of his house in Curitiba, Brazil.

  • Regardless of what Alistair Overeem says or hopes or wants, UFC heavyweight champ Junior dos Santos is fighting top contender Cain Velasquez in December.� Ah, who are we kidding?� We've seen this scenario play out before.� The UFC is going to book Dos Santos versus Velasquez, and then Velasquez is going to get injured, and Overeem will step in.� Then Overeem is going to test positive for horse meat in a pre-fight screening and Frank Mir is going to get a call the day of the fight and he's going to have to hop off his couch and come down to the arena and fight, and, well, you know how that goes.

  • �As per UFC president Dana White at the post-fight presser, should Edgar move down to featherweight, a title shot against champ Jose Aldo is not guaranteed.� Now ain't that some [expletive].� Either way, Edgar is moving on, and so should you.

  • Strikeforce female bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey cleaned her house.� Seriously, if you watched her "All Access" episode earlier this week, the place resembled a crack den.� And not like a well-kept crack den, either.� More like a crack den whose occupants really have no cares whatsoever about appearances.

  • One more item that I'm putting out there: allegedly, a fighter in an amateur event in South Carolina died last night after his fight.� I won't release the name until we get further confirmation, but the event was a local one called "Fight Night at the Point VI", and it's suspected that the fighter ? who was making his debut ? suffered a heart attack.� The event was fully-sanctioned by the athletic commission.� Apparently, after the incident, the commission canceled the rest of the card.� I'll report more as the story develops.� UPDATE: Here's something�from a local news outlet.


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