Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tyron Woodley on Nate Marquardt?s use of testosterone and preparing for their bout

For his return to Strikeforce and championship bout with Tyron Woodley, Nate Marquardt said he is off the testosterone replacement therapy that led to his firing from the UFC. The one person who will be affected by Marquardt's hormone levels is his opponent on July 14.

But Woodley doesn't know if Marquardt is telling the truth, and doesn't care.

"It doesn't matter to me. I don't play into if he is or not. To me, a guy that's been on it his whole career, I think it's very hard to jump off that stuff," Woodley said to Cagewriter.

"Your body becomes dependent on it. If you bring in testosterone outside your body, it probably stops producing it because it thinks you're going to get it from the outside. Whether he's on it or not, I'm winning this fight. It's not going to be a factor."

With the Strikeforce welterweight belt on the line, Woodley says the stakes are high for Marquardt. Why would he change now?

"Be honest. When you have a fight this big, and it's for the world title, and you've been on it for your whole career, you're going to come off when it's for the marbles? I just don't know about that."

Woodley was surprised when he heard Marquardt call him a boring wrestler.

"I remember his agent and my agent making a fuss about an interview I did. Actually had an interview pulled because I talked about testosterone. I said to those guys, people are going to ask me about it. I'm going to give them my honest reply. When I'm asked if I think he's going to be on it, I said yeah. It made it seem like 10 seconds of the interview was the entire interview. But then I saw an interview he gave, and he called me a� boring wrestler. So it's OK for you to put out stuff where you're slinging mud, but I put out an interview, and I'm just stating facts. You tested positive three times. I'm not drawing something out of air. If they ask me a question. I'm going to answer it."

Marquardt's testosterone levels will not affect what the 10-0 Woodley will do in their bout.

"I have to prepare as if I'm fighting a robot. He's shown he's not going to give up. He'll stick in there and try to fight, try to win. I think his experience is the only real threat. He's been in there and faced a lot of top guys."

Woodley's plan for his first five-round bout is to keep up his energy throughout.

"I've got to be able to do damage five rounds, for five minutes. Every minute of the round, I've got to be active. I've got to open look for openings, opportunities. I watched a couple of his fights, but outside that, I'm working on myself."

Source: http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/mma-cagewriter/tyron-woodley-nate-marquardt-testosterone-preparing-bout-123113674--mma.html

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